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Catalog of Rebuilt Pianos Currently Available

Rebuilt / Pre-Owned
Uprights and Grands

Allegro Piano offers a limited selection of pre-owned pianos, from fine grands to economical uprights. Please call or e-mail about availability, as some of these are still in progress or may be already sold.

Refurbished Pianos:
These are pre-owned pianos which have been taken in, cleaned and touched up if necessary, and in some cases refinished. They have been tuned, repaired and adjusted so they are ready to play.  A refurbished piano can be the greatest piano value on the market. For example, many of the larger, older uprights are still superb instruments, but often can be sold at a value price. All of our instruments are tuned to standard pitch, A=440, unless otherwise noted.  ($500 & up -- click on the link below for description and photo.)

Refinished and rebuilt full uprights:
Gems of the past beautifully refinished & rebuilt are a complement to any surrounding.  This often involves restringing and repinning, new pinblock, and extensive action rebuilding.  Often a rebuilt piano can offer you a better instrument for a fraction of the cost of a new piano.  See our article, "Rebuilt vs. New," for further information on piano rebuilding.


Pianos Currently for Sale

Sorry! We have no refurbished pianos for sale at this time. Please check back another time.



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