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Piano Trivia:
Fun Facts to Know and Tell


The Piano in History:  "A Clever Bundle of Inventions"

An illustrated synopsis of piano history from its ancient roots, to its Renaissance forerunners,  to its more modern developments.
  Your Amazing Piano
A brief description of how a piano works and is constructed, and why as an instrument it is man’s crowning achievement.

Piano or Keyboard -- Making the Decision

Make an informed choice before a pushy salesman directs you into something you may not want.
  Care & Maintenance of Your Piano
A guide for piano owners on how to care for their fine instrument.

1887 Prescott Piano Company Catalogue

Facsimile of an original piano catalog from the Prescott Company in Concord, New Hampshire, in PDF format. (File size approx. 6 Meg.)

New or Rebuilt? The Advantages of Piano Rebuilding

Rebuilt pianos may be a much better instrument and value than a new one. Get the other side of the story.

Why Does My Piano Go Out of Tune?

Explains how internal and external factors work together to “de-tune” a piano, and how these effects can be minimized.

Your Piano and "A=440"

For those who have been told their piano is below standard pitch and will require extra tuning — What does this mean?


Tuning: The "Mysterious Art"

A brief response in layman’s terms to the often-asked question, “How do you tune that thing, anyway?”


Stripping and Refinishing Your Own Piano

Has your piano’s appearance become — how shall we say it — uglier than a bag of warts? A do-it-yourself guide to refinishing. (Only for the brave & daring, or positively stupid.)

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